One of the coolest things about documentary film is engaging in philosophical exchanges with experts from different fields. In this particular case, on a crisp and sunny Friday, that exchange occurred overlooking Ocean Beach, with Dr. John Straznickas, outside the San Francisco VA. We were talking about PTSD. My co-director, Wynn Padula, and I, talked with John at length about what PTSD is, how it works, and why surfing seems to be so effective at rehabilitating those who are suffering from it.

Dr. John Straz offered up a refreshing take on PTSD, which, as he put it, results from witnessing or participating in events so far outside the traditional societal narrative that it's hard, if not impossible, to reintegrate the experiences back into a cohesive worldview. My interest in a newer field of study, Moral Injury, was also piqued. Could make for a fascinating short doc of its own. Thanks John!

AuthorJosh Izenberg