We had a great 3-days shooting in San Luis Obispo last week for Resurface, the documentary I've been working on about surfing's effects on PTSD. We'd recently raised finishing funds on Kickstarter, so decided to put some of that money towards flying one of the vets we'd been following — Bobby Lane — out to SLO to surf with his mentor and friend, Van Curaza. 

We pulled out just about every trick in the book — underwater housings, drones, long lenses from the beach — to get a multitude of viewpoints on Bobby and Van in the water. Even so, it was a challenging shoot. Waves are unpredictable and no matter how hard you try to set everything up perfectly ... the ocean gets its way.

But we're coming home with some solid footage and lucked into some nice, clean surf — not to mention, some great conversations with Van and Bobby about what surfing does for our psychology. A conversation that I was able to continue with psychiatrist John Straznickas, from the San Francisco VA. More on that in another blog post.

AuthorJosh Izenberg